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In the name of Allah, the creator of the universe

Quran education provided to you by Sawt-ul-Quran academy-an organisation aiming to provide quality education regarding the recitation and translation of our Holy Book.

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 Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. But in today’s busy era, some Muslims feel the difficulty in taking time out of their busy schedules to actually go to specific area to learn about the Holy Quran. That is why we are here. Sawt-ul Quran academy enables you to  learn from the comfort of your home. Drawing inspiration from the Arabic roots of “Sawt” and “Quran,” the name captures the essence of the academy’s mission and evokes a profound     connection to the teachings of the Quran. In Arabic, “Sawt” (صَوْت) translates to “voice,” symbolizing powerful resonance and absolutely mesmerizing rhythm that emanates from the recitation of the Quran. Recitation of the Quran is a melodious symphony that echoes through the ages, conveying not just the words but the essence, guidance, and spiritual beauty of the scripture.

Sawt emphasizes the significance of the voice as a vessel for transmitting the teachings of the Quran. Through our online platform, “Sawt ul Quran,” we aim to be the resonating voice, the eloquent channel, through which the message of the Quran enlightens and nurtures hearts. 

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“Sawt ul Quran” evokes a captivating imagery of a resounding voice, carrying the profound teachings of the Quran across the digital landscape embodying the essence of the Quran’s beauty, wisdom, and spirituality while emphasising the crucial role of the recitation in understanding and internalising its message. As an online Quran teaching academy, we aim to be  a beacon, a guiding voice that connects learners with the timeless wisdom of the Quran, empowering them on their spiritual journey.

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