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Quran Tafseer

The Quran, revealed over fourteen centuries ago, is a vast and profound source of knowledge that took twenty-three years to unveil. Yet, it remains one of the most frequently recited but least understood books globally. Many Muslims recite and listen to the Quran daily but often do so without comprehending its meaning and context due to the rush of daily life and the mandatory intervals in Islamic recitation.
Understanding the Quran’s true meaning is crucial, and Sawt ul Quran recognizes this importance. Here at Sawt ul Quran we offer online classes for comprehending the Quran and learning its Tafseer (interpretation) under the guidance of qualified Islamic scholars.

We have expert scholars who teach in languages such as English, Arabic, Urdu, and Hindi, holding certificates and Ijaza from prestigious Islamic universities. With Sawt ul Quran, you can deepen your Quranic understanding through a comprehensive curriculum.

Learning Tafseer Quran online is accessible and convenient. Sawt ul Quran allows individuals, including those who can’t read with Tajweed, to understand the Quran’s true meaning. To join, fill out a registration form, receive a call from a representative, and take two trial classes. All you need is a screen (phone or laptop) with internet access

Early learning often has a lasting impact, and Sawt ul Quran aims to make Tafseer Quran accessible online, ensuring that individuals and children can comprehend the Quran’s actual meaning conveniently from anywhere. The Quran is a divine message meant for reflection, guidance, and implementation in our lives, and understanding its true essence is essential for all Muslims.

Through our online platform, “Sawt ul Quran,” we aim to be the resonating voice, the eloquent channel, through which the message of the Quran enlightens and nurtures hearts across the world.

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