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Reading Quran Course Basics

Are you aspiring to master the recitation of the Holy Quran, whether it’s for yourself or your children? Enrolling in the Quran Basics course is your initial stride towards realizing this cherished goal. This course not only equips you and your children with the art of Quranic recitation but also imparts essential Arabic reading skills.

It’s worth noting that Arabic comes with diacritics, which serve as invaluable guides for correctly pronouncing Arabic words. This eliminates the need for rote memorization of pronunciation. Throughout the course, you’ll gain proficiency in recognizing how Arabic letters connect or stand alone, as well as in reading words, short sentences, and longer ones. Additionally, you’ll acquire the ability to read Arabic supplications.

Furthermore, you’ll delve into the distinct features of Quranic script, which diverges significantly from conventional Arabic writing. The course’s comprehensive training is geared towards enabling you to read the entire Holy Quran at an advanced level.

In the Reading Quran Basics session, your dedicated instructor will also introduce you to phonetic Quranic recitation. Thanks to their guidance, you’ll find reading the concise Quranic Surahs effortless.

In the Reading Quran Basics course, you’ll learn:

Master the foundation of Arabic script, learning all 28 letters and their distinct shapes and sounds.

Understand how diacritics guide pronunciation in Arabic, removing the need for rote memorisation.

Explore the intricate and diverse forms of Arabic letters, essential for accurate reading.

Learn the nuances of Arabic vowel marks, enhancing your reading and recitation skills.

Grasp the concept of Sukun, the symbol indicating consonant closure, for precise pronunciation.

Comprehend the Shaddah symbol and its significance in emphasizing doubled consonants.

Study Madd, the technique used to elongate specific Arabic letters for proper enunciation.

Master the combination of Shaddah and Tanween for clear pronunciation in Quranic verses.

Explore the rules governing the Arabic letter “Laam” to enhance your reading fluency.

Learn the rules related to the letter “Alif” with “Hamzah” (AlifulWasl) for accurate Quranic recitation.

  1. Understand the unique features of Quranic script distinct from conventional Arabic writing styles.

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